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We’ve written several blogs lately about the advantages of cloud computing for businesses. In this entry, we’ll offer a bit of advice on how to select the right cloud service partner for you and your business. How Many Businesses Are Actually Using Cloud A recent survey tells us that about 72% of organizations in the
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You don’t have to be a programmer to understand the benefits PHP programming can bring to a business. In this article, we’ll tell you why. PHP at a Glance Originally called Personal Home Page, PHP was developed a series of codes to track visitors on a particular site. Since then, it has grown to be
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When it comes to partners for your company, you want only the best. C3IT, located on the web at http://c3itus.com , is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and as such the company offers collaborative portals on SharePoint as well as self-service Business Intelligence and Custom Enterprise Software. C3IT provides case management and safety compliance solutions that
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office 2016 for mac

SharePoint, along with One Drive and Retina Support, will be fully integrated into Office 2016 for Mac unveiled recently by Microsoft. According to reports, Microsoft is now offering a download of Office 2016 for Mac on its page, and some surprises are in store for users.

SharePoint 2016

The newest addition to the SharePoint family, SharePoint Server 2016, has been in development for some time, and a prototype will be unveiled at the May 2015 Microsoft Ignite Conference, according to recent reports. Presenters at the conference will be using an “early version” of SharePoint 2016 in many of their exhibits. In the past,
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sharepoint as intranet

One of the great things about SharePoint is the fact that it can be used as both a self-contained intranet or a web-based solution to storage and communication for companies. When used as an intranet, SharePoint can provide safe and effective solutions for companies of any size to allow users to store, share and communicate
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sharepoint in 2015

http://www.cmswire.com/cms/social-business/4-directions-for-sharepoint-and-office-365-in-2015-027941.php If you are like most SharePoint users, you are eagerly awaiting the final word on several updates and are wondering if some of the buzz you hear has been true. Here are some updates for SharePoint in 2015 that have been announced officially, with more to come throughout the year!

sharepoint communication

http://www.cmswire.com/cms/social-business/office-365-2014-highlights-preparing-for-2015-027732.php#null When it comes to communication, SharePoint has great ways to help businesses at both the institutional and the individual level. From Yammer to cross-platform communication for both small and large groups, SharePoint makes it easy for your employees and managers to quickly and effectively get information to the people who need it. In 2014,
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sharepoint analytics

http://www.webtrends.com/blog/2015/01/whats-new-sharepoint/ The new product launch with updates for SharePoint 2013 contains an app called SharePoint Analytics. If you have not explored this app, do so immediately! It will boost your productivity and communication tremendously when you utilize it. Located at https://pinpoint.microsoft.com/Applications/12884978740, this app allows for simple downloads and activation straight from the Microsoft site and
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sharepoint resolutions

A recent article in Network World outlined five “resolutions” SharePoint users should adopt in 2015. These tips will help users have a better SharePoint experience and get the most out of the program. The resolutions are as follows:

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