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Caldiatech™ – PHP Programming and Open Source Software

PHP is basically a programming language – custom-written for your site – that is added on top of your web server software. It’s probably the most popular script language on the web, and is a powerful tool that can allow you to do a host of things to strengthen your business, including:

  • Extrapolating data from web-based forms
  • Generating dynamic page content
  • Receiving and sending cookies
  • Enabling you to send e-mail from a simple form on your site – allowing you to control what fields are to be completed so that you get all of the information you need from a potential client
  • Giving you the power to regularly change the look of your site
  • Create photo and video galleries as well as surveys

    Some of the ways Caldiatech™ clients have used our PHP expertise include the implementation of:

    • A complete on-line inventory and commerce system
    • Collaborative networking tools
    • An administrative center for tracking commercial sales
    • Survey and response system
    • Email system for opt-in newsletters
    • Backend system for data management

      If you have concerns about PHP playing nicely with your current system, you should know that is extremely effective in commercial applications. Practically any system developed today, in .NET standards, can be replicated across a PHP5 platform with Javascripting tools and Ajax enhancing the end user experience.

      We’d love to talk with you about the abundant ways PHP programming can help your business grow. Call us at 800-728-1441 or complete this form so that we can start working together today!