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Caldiatech™ – Internet Services

The Internet is not your business. Rather, it is a tool to enhance and create solutions FOR your business. We understand the differences and help keep you focused on your business while we focus on the technology.

Data storage, data security and data mining: all are critical issues to any company doing business on the Internet today. Caldiatech™ can meet your company’s Internet services needs with robust technology that offers you the strength you need from a technological standpoint as well as the critical data security required to allow you the peace of mind needed to continue to run and grow your business.

Our experience allows us the flexibility to fully understand your issues rather than attacking the problem with a technology solution. We meet your needs with quality project planning for both scalability and long-term goals.

Server Hosting

Our dedicated hosting solutions are strong and scalable. Whether you’re operating on a Linux/Unix server or Windows 2012 platform, we can guide you through the steps to success. Quite often, we’ll have you up and running with the solution you need in just a couple of days.

Database Development

We know it sounds nerdy, but we love database development! We have systems specialists in relational database management and work with Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server with GUIs like Powerbuilder, MS .NET, and Visual Basic. Caldiatech™ has the expertise (both in Windows and Unix platforms) in product design, distributed and client-server techniques. We have extensive experience with Internet technologies like Java, JDeveloper, JScript, Oracle, ASP and PHP.

Project Planning, OCDS and SRS Creation

Where you want to go is equally as important as the technology solution you choose to arrive at your destination. At Caldiatech™, we take a strategic approach to your business solution, seeking to make your goal worthwhile and profitable for you and your customer—and even your customer’s customer.

Hardware solutions and Telco deployment are just one of the many services we offer. We can also manage your network, monitor its activity and provide support when critical issues arise. Call us at 800-728-1441 to find out more.