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Internet Consultants With A Tangible Process

Many people who have had an online presence built in the past have unfortunately endured negative experiences. Fortunately, though, the advancement of time and competition has eliminated many of those companies that were the source of these bad experiences. Caldiatech™ and its experienced team of website consultants have stayed the course with a consistent process for getting a project completed properly for many years. This process provides comfort and a step-by-step approach that will allow a client to know exactly what’s happening and when with a project. Below is a brief introduction to this process.


The first phase of the process used by the website consultants at Caldiatech™ is the consulting phase. This is the time where the team will ask prospective clients about their business, what they want to accomplish, how they want their brand to be built and then provide feedback as to whether the Internet can provide this type of advantage.


After the website consultants at Caldiatech™ have taken the time to learn about a business and its goals, the team will put together an extremely detailed statement of work that will provide a prospective client with all the information necessary regarding investment, timeline and expectations.


After the statement of work is agreed upon and the website consultants get down to work, the team will provide initial designs for the look of the online presence, logos and other graphical work that’s going to be needed for the project. The team tends to provide two distinct looks for these drawings, and the client usually chooses portions of each with which to move forward.


Every successful online presence has technology working behind it, and while there are varying degrees of functionality that can exist with any presence, all of them need to be tested privately and securely before any online presence goes live. The website consultants at Caldiatech™ make sure this development phase is completed thoroughly in order to make sure that the ultimate launch is a smooth one.


When the design is built, the functionality is developed and the content is written along with the proper SEO foundation, the team at Caldiatech™ will put every new online presence through rigorous testing before allowing the world to see it. This testing can uncover corrections that need to be made, or it can reassure everyone involved that the project is almost complete.


When all of the work described above is completed properly, the online presence will be launched. This date is usually scheduled ahead of time so that any other efforts that include offline marketing or publicity can be done in conjunction with this step. If you would like to learn more about what the team of website consultants at Caldiatech™ can do for you, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.