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Web Development Programming And Custom Software Applications

Over the past twenty years, Caldiatech™ has proved themselves as a web development firm, as they have created over 1000 internet sites. This depth of experience is what gives you the confidence to launch a comprehensive and technology-rich site for your business. From the initial planning stages through the final launch, Caldiatech™ has the expertise to carry your project with skillful care and professionalism.

Our team of developers follows the stages of delivery closely, with detailed analysis and reports, Q&A and in-depth discovery of the needs of the end-user. This quality and care allow us to deliver the type of architecture and functionality that gives the end-user the greatest ease of use and thus the most pleasant experience.

Phase I: Consulting

The first step for Caldiatech™ is understanding your particular business, your mission, your logic, rules, issues and expectations. Then we discuss the realities of how the Internet can assist you in reaching your goals and milestones. We help you to define your “service offering”, we also assist in logo creation or migration. During this phase, we determine the depth of any application needs and/or development. We discuss platforms, tools and the various technologies that can help you get your business online and operational. There may be data-conversion, database analysis and back-end analysis that takes place. We may also discuss various modules or middle-ware needed to help create a seamless transfer from one environment to another.

Phase II: Proposal/Bid – Statement of Work (SOW)

We create a detailed step-by-step proposal that outlines the development understanding and the various processes taken to get from initial consulting to finished product. The SOW contains checklists and timelines, team members, travel arrangements (if applicable), training phases, client/customer expectations, marketing concepts and more. You are also given a bid sheet that defines the various stages, hourly rates and expected costs. Overall project costs are guaranteed to be within 15% of the bid as long as the project remains within scope.

Phase III: Phase Three: Creative, Initial Drawings

You will be issued a login to our extranet area and the creative phase begins. Initial logo ideas, layouts, color combinations, etc. are created by the Caldiatech™ graphics team and posted in .jpg or .gif form for your review. Typically, as per the SOW, Caldiatech™ will deliver two distinct looks. One is a more traditional, conservative approach and the other is a more edgy and contemporary design. Typically, a client's tastes will fall somewhere between the two realms.

Phase IV: Development

The technology aspects of the solution are mapped out with“dummy screens” to ensure that we have the proper functionality. From that phase, we can begin the process of actually coding the needed databases and populating the system with information.

Phase V: Testing

Rigorous testing and quality assurance goes into the system to ensure that it performs according to specifications and standards. In the case of heavy searches or queries, we create extreme environments for testing that push the systems load capacity.