A Simple Guide To How AI Enhances Your Website’s Performance

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a term used for several types of interactions that rely solely on machines to digest and produce interactions with human beings.  The minutiae of AI can be complicated, but it is still important to understand the basics in order to comprehend the impact that these interactions have on your SEO strategy.  Almost everyone is now affected in some way by artificial intelligence, especially business owners who want to compete in the online marketplace.

What Is AI?

Simply put, AI is the simulation of human thought processes by a computer.  There are many different applications of AI that are used throughout the world in a multitude of industries.  Almost anywhere human language is used, for example, AI can be incorporated to speed up processes or make them more efficient.

For purposes of SEO strategy, most people focus on one aspect of AI:  machine learning.  In simple terms, machine learning is when a computer is fitted with specialized hardware and software that allow it to utilize algorithms to “learn” human language and interaction on the web. These machines are fed carefully controlled data in large batches and are ultimately able to detect patterns that they then use to make predictions.  When done well, AI can produce results eerily close to human speech.  “Bots,” the programs that interact with users on website chats, are a good example of this application of AI.

What Are the Advantages of AI?

There are several advantages for business owners who use AI software as part of their SEO strategy, including:

  • AI is detail-oriented. Humans have a habit of skipping over details, particularly when tasks are boring or repetitive.  AI never has this problem because the computer focuses on repeating patterns, making it a great way to automate those jobs that no one wants or has time to do.
  • AI is on-demand. Not only is AI attentive to detail but it is also on-demand.  This means that workers do not have to be available 24 hours a day to answer questions or forward information to the proper person.
  • AI speeds up efficiency. One way to greatly increase the efficiency of any SEO campaign is to employ AI.  Often, business owners will find they can get results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods of advertising.  Because AI learns quickly how humans are reacting to certain search terms, for example, AI-based programs can quickly generate lists of fruitful terms for targeting in advertising.

Ultimately, incorporating AI, both at the global and individual level, can lead to better interaction with your website visitors and more conversions to loyal, happy customers for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about how AI and all other SEO methods can benefit your business and pull more clients or customers your way, talk to the professionals at Caldiatech.  We are ready to help you reach your marketing goals through powerful, innovative website services!