Caldiatech Adds Proceso App to Lineup

Caldiatech is excited to announce that we have added the Proceso app to our lineup of high-quality digital tools.  This app is designed for O365 and Teams and provides support for business productivity platforms.

How important are productivity platforms for today’s businesses?  The answer may surprise you.  Of all the technology items you spend your budget on, a productivity platform may give you the largest return on investment–and many businesses do not even utilize these key tools!

Who Should Use Proceso?

With more than 2 billion workers on the frontlines of major industries such as healthcare, retail and industrial, these workers are often the first, and possibly the only, contact that the public has with a particular business.  These workers are also largely responsible for the day-to-day operations that keep businesses going.  In a global sense, they are the representatives of your company’s brand.

Proceso is an app that empowers those on the frontline to work collaboratively within their own organizations and to maximize the efficiency of their workdays.  Proceso features a number of tools that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft teams, including:

  • Digital assistant
  • Group notifications
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Email integration

Utilizing these tools, workgroups can now enjoy productive, easy-to-use collaborations and streamline the entire work process–no matter what industry or service is involved.  In fact, the flexibility of Proceso makes it adaptable to almost any type of workforce.

What Makes Proceso Different?

One of the biggest advantages Proceso offers is a do-it-yourself “no-code” process automation platform that allows businesses to roll out their own unique standard operating procedures quickly and uniformly to their workers.  Proceso makes it easy to stop misunderstandings that arise from non-uniform rollouts and allows owners complete control over the information sent to their workforce.

This guaranteed uniformity offers several further advantages to Proceso users:

  • Owners can design their own forms and incorporate multi-level review structures right into the document. These jobs can then be published to Microsoft Teams, ensuring that everyone receives their tasks in a timely manner.
  • The Bot-driven Proceso app ensures that everyone has been notified and can be programmed to send reminders and ping overdue tasks.
  • Proceso follows every individual to ensure across-the-board compliance. At a glance, managers can see when the job was done, who completed it and even drill down to the particular device used.
  • The Proceso app also helps support employees as they perform varied tasks across multiple departments or platforms. This is particularly important when a task is repetitive or mundane.  Even the simplest tasks can be tracked, reminders set, and productivity monitored.

Caldiatech is happy to incorporate Proceso into our lineup of available workplace productivity apps that we recommend to customers.  As part of our comprehensive solutions for businesses, we are always looking for a way to streamline business operations and make employees, particularly those who are forward-facing to customers, better and more accountable brand representatives.  We believe that Proceso can help many businesses with this enormous task.

If you are interested in learning more about what Caldiatech can do for your business, give us a call!  We are happy to work with businesses of all sizes to ensure that they have the tools they need to be successful.