Can Video Be A Part of Your Advertising Strategy?

While most business owners understand the need for online advertising in today’s competitive market, many are understandably worried about the idea of creating video content for their advertising campaigns.  After all, most of us are not directors or producers!  However, with just a bit of planning and the use of the right tools, video content can be much easier to create than you think, and using it can give a healthy boost to almost any type of business. 

How Does Video Help Online Business?

Video is one of the quickest ways to turn browsers into customers or clients.  Video content can boost sales conversions by up to 34 percent, according to experts, and helps to build brand loyalty and trust with clients. 

Why does video have this effect?  There are two reasons.  First, videos cause visitors to a website to spend more time on the page, essentially driving up engagement.  This signals to the search engines that visitors are enjoying your page and boosts your rankings in the search engine results.  The second reason is that potential clients who engage with video on your website enjoy and understand video in a way that is difficult to do with written content.  They can take the information in without making an investment in reading and constructing meaning from your text.  This allows them to listen to your message and works on a different part of the brain, often drawing them in to contact you about your service. 

How Hard Is It To Create Video Content?

Depending on your comfort level, you can literally make website video content from free online programs with nothing more than a webcam.  However, most businesses invest in somewhat more professionally done videos to ensure that they put the best quality content on their websites.  There are many programs and companies that will create video content at every price point; some businesses even task an in-house person to take over this job and ensure that all video content produced is of high caliber. 

Video content can be how-to videos, customer or client reviews, or simply images or graphics with text.  It does not have to feature people speaking directly to the camera!  There are even programs or companies that will create videos for specific companies with original artwork and voiceovers. 

Next, video content must be optimized.  This includes making sure that it works on mobile devices, and that it makes sense without sound, as many videos now are watched without volume.  The video must be coded properly within the website to be sure that it appears to the web crawlers by using keywords in both the title and the description, tagging the video, and creating a thumbnail with an easily identifiable title.   

Finally, it is time to share your video.  You can definitely post it on your website, but don’t stop there!  Email your customers and share on YouTube and social media sites.  Soon, you will see the results of your video marketing campaign! 

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