Can Your Law Firm Afford NOT to Invest in SEO Strategy?

There is a continual debate about whether SEO for law firms works to build strong client bases.  On one hand, spending money on SEO for a lawyer’s website may seem wasteful when you can simply rely on “word of mouth.”  On the other hand, you may have heard stories about how a good web development company rapidly increased the bottom line of a floundering law firm or took a firm from mediocre to thriving.  Which is true, and, more importantly, can your law firm afford not to invest in professional advice on SEO strategy?

The Truth About Law Firm SEO

Law firms in particular are poised to benefit greatly from the right SEO strategies.  The reasons that law firms show a such great return on investment or ROI when investing advertising dollars in SEO include:

  • Keyword searches are customizable. Because there are so many unique areas of the law, keyword searches can be customized to fit your particular skill set.  Potential clients who are searching for “wills and trusts” are a different set of people than those searching for “divorce lawyers” in many cases.  By choosing the right keywords, you can easily target the subset of clients you want to attract to your business.
  • SEO strategies help you create an expert persona. As an expert in your field, clients and other attorneys turn to you for advice.  By using your expertise to create unique content that answers questions and offers help, you draw others to your website.  Furthermore, you build stronger relationships with those in your field, which can result in person-to-person referrals you might not have otherwise had as well as possible collaborations with other firms or attorneys.  In a global sense, your expertise can lead to several paths to finding new business for your firm.
  • A new look at your website structure can directly translate into more business. By regularly examining your website, you can determine if your content meets your clients’ and potential clients’ needs and adjust accordingly.  While it may not seem like an important task, this website “refresh” can actually bring new business to your door, particularly if you improve upon your old design or refresh keywords to adjust for changing preferences among your potential clients.  Sometimes cleaning up and modernizing your website is the single best thing you can do to quickly boost your internet-based traffic.

After hearing all of the potential benefits of a new web design and SEO goals, the question becomes:  how long can your law firm afford not to take advantage of the right SEO strategy to build your client base and to position yourselves as authorities?

For many years, Caldiatech has been working with law firms in Boise to design the ideal SEO strategies for their size, client base, and goals.  Through targeted keyword assessment, WordPress development services, and a host of other services, we help law firms find the right SEO strategy to deliver the results they seek.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you create and maintain the ideal SEO and website content plan for your particular firm.