Expanding Your Horizons With a Website Cleanup

Getting into a “rut” is one of the most common experiences we share.  Whether it is in our business or our personal lives, it is easy to get complacent and stop noticing what happens with certain aspects of our daily routines.  In fact, getting into a rut is one of the major reasons our creativity is stifled and our growth drops off.

The fact that this can happen in all areas of our lives means that it is something we should take seriously.  If we find ourselves in a rut in our personal lives, we can always take a vacation or take up a new hobby, but what happens when we find ourselves mired in our business lives?  Should we try something new and potentially fail, or simply continue as we are?

The answer often lies in between the two extremes.  Sometimes, just as in our personal lives, a small change in the way we do business can make a big difference in our outcomes.  One relatively simple thing you can do today, at a very low cost, is to have a professional review your website and look for areas where you can improve.  Not only could you potentially drive up your business, but you may find that your new website structure and system invigorates you to take charge in other areas, as well!

There are a few questions you always want to ask as you review your website:

  • Is the appearance of my website inviting? The crazy fonts and big graphics that worked for you a few years ago may no longer reflect the vision of your company that you want to portray.  If you want a better face for your company, a website cleanup may be just the thing to get you excited again about your online presence.
  • Are the “behind-the-scenes” items up to date? Your website isn’t just what you can see; it is also how it performs when your visitors click on a link or try to communicate with you.  Ensuring that your links work, that your contact stream is intact, and that you are attracting the attention of the search engines are all part of maintaining a healthy website.
  • If I were a customer, would I want to visit this website and do business with this company? This is really the question that must be asked of any professional website, and it is sometimes a question that is better asked of others.  We may not be able to see our own website’s shortcomings, so asking a professional to review it may give us the feedback we need to make changes.

At Caldiatech, we have spent many years working with our clients to help them avoid the complacency and sluggishness of a dated website.  Our professionals can review your website, give you good pointers as to changes that can be made to benefit you and help you achieve those goals.  Soon, you may be taking a look at your business from a whole new angle!  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you spruce up your website and give it a fresh new look and better performance.