Having a Happy Holiday Means Having a Great Website

If you want to give yourself the best holiday gift possible, why not think about sprucing up your company’s website?  An investment in a great website not only makes your business look better, but it may also increase your profitability and ultimately your bottom line!

How Does A Website Refresh Help My Business?

A good website does many things for your business, some of which you may never have considered.

  • Most customers are now online. According to recent studies, one out of four shoppers, or more than 2 billion people, currently shop online.  In the United States alone, this generates nearly $470 billion dollars per year in e-commerce.  Not only are people shopping for retail goods, they also shop the web for service providers.  If you do not have a strong web presence, you are missing out on a huge market!
  • Your website can guide people to your door. Many business owners do not realize the power that your website content has to guide people to your door.  When online shoppers are looking for a service provider or retail store, they use certain key search terms which appear frequently in the search engines.  Those search terms, when they appear with the right saturation in your website, can lead clients and customers to you as they search for goods and services.  With a well-crafted SEO plan, you will find that you are seeing much more traffic and having many more potential client and customer interactions.
  • Your website can help you position yourself as an expert in your field. One of the most underrated benefits of a good website is how your content can help you position yourself as a great leader in your field.  For example, when a law firm regularly blogs about current topics, readers feel a connection and recognize that the firm is using its valuable time to provide free education to the public.  Other attorneys also recognize the firm’s commitment to sharing information.  These things, while they may not be “advertising” in the traditional sense, help the attorneys build confidence in their firm and also help them maintain their reputations as leaders and experts in their field.
  • Your website can help you handle customer inquiries and other issues. Sometimes you are simply overwhelmed with communication, particularly if you are a small business.  Your website can be crafted in such a way as to provide excellent answers to common questions and a communication funnel that allows you to respond in a timely manner to customer or client concerns as well as to new queries.

At Caldiatech, we have been helping businesses, both service providers and retail stores, connect with their customers through the web for decades.  Our professionals can review your website and give you honest, fair answers to your questions.  We can help you build a website that will truly be a great resource for your business!  Give us a call today to learn more about how Caldiatech can help you dominate your field through SEO and Internet marketing!