How To Boost Your Website Traffic: 3 Steps

If you are a law firm or other business suffering in the doldrums of the dreaded “second page” of Google search results, you probably already know that traffic is slow to nonexistent for your website.  However, you may be unsure how to boost traffic and help visitors find your website.  At Caldiatech, we believe in attacking this problem by looking at several factors that impact the number and type of visitors to your site.  We don’t just want to boost your numbers; we want to make sure that the people finding your website are the ones you want to engage—in other words, potential clients.

  • First: Keyword Management.  There is no denying that the best way to improve your search engine results is to manage your keywords carefully.  Keywords are strings of words the mirror what potential clients are looking for, such as “personal injury attorney in Boise.”  When these keywords appear in your web pages, they will often drive your results to the top of Google’s search results, meaning that more people will see them.  However, you also have to be careful not to oversaturate your pages with these terms, or they will not only be unreadable by your potential clients but may also trigger an alert to the search engines that you are trying to manipulate the results.  The balance between a good keyword saturation and oversaturation is tight, so it pays to have the help of an expert in placing keywords strategically in your web pages.
  • Second: Website Design.  Once people find your website, it is critical that it be easy to read and user-friendly.  Visitors simply will not take the time to dig through a complicated website, so it is important that everything be no more than three clicks away.  Search features, easy-to-find contact information and other factors definitely impact your website’s usability by most visitors, so it is vital that you address these issues.  Furthermore, you want a website that uses the right number and type of images to engage the eyes and well-organized, easy-to-read text to help visitors find information quickly.  A well-built website will ensure that when visitors find your site, they have a reason to stay.  This may translate to a higher rate of client engagement.  The help of a professional in website design can mean the difference between having a website and having a useful marketing tool that actually brings in clients.
  • Third:   Many people would prefer to simply build a good website and leave it alone, but unfortunately clients are not looking for static websites.  They want websites with engaging, ongoing content that is updated and refreshed frequently.  For many websites, this takes the form of ongoing blogging or social media utilization.  A professional website designer and SEO manager can help you find the right balance in writing good content and pushing it out to your potential customers or clients.  It is important not to underestimate the power of regularly updating your website content to drive potential clients to your door.  The use of social media and blogging has proven to be a game-changer for many law firms and other businesses.

At Caldiatech, we offer professional help with your website design, SEO, and social media management.  Give us a call today to learn how we can help you boost your website to the top of the rankings and engage your potential clients quickly and easily.