SEO for Law Firms

There’s no shortage of competition in the legal world. People are always in need of legal representation, and they have plenty of law firms to choose from.

Your law firm may be the perfect fit for a client’s needs, but you need to be discovered before you can prove that. In the past, advertising, billboards, and television commercials were an effective way for law firms to recruit new clients. But now, with everyone’s attention predominantly online, your law firm needs to have a strong SEO strategy to be discovered.

When someone searches for a law firm, you need to appear high up in search results, preferably above the competition. If your law firm’s website is lost amongst the noise of online searches, you won’t get the chance to prove yourself to clients. SEO can make this happen.

How often do you scroll to page 2 of Google to find a reputable business to hire? The front page is the coveted SEO space, where businesses earn the most website traffic. This is the main goal of search engine optimization.

SEO Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Reputation

In addition to getting more website visitors, SEO can improve your law firm’s reputation.

Being easily discoverable boosts your law firm’s trustworthiness, since you’re easily discoverable and deemed more legitimate by search engines. What law firm would you rather work with: one easily found online because of strong SEO, or one without a web presence?

Search engines don’t promote low-quality or suspicious sites to the front page, they’re usually proven to be legitimate and reliable. So if your website is featured on the front page, you benefit from this positive reputation. It demonstrates that you invest in your image and online presence and that clients can find plenty of information about your law firm.

Once you establish a strong SEO presence, the next step is to share your professional knowledge and successes.

SEO Can Tout Your Law Firm’s Success

One major thing people want to know before they hire a law firm is how successful the firm has been in the past. What cases have they won? How much compensation has been awarded in the past? What have people been cleared of?

Strong SEO will get people to your website, and then it’s up to you to show them why they should work with you. Fill your website with accomplishments and positive testimonials, another important part of SEO!

Build SEO Through Blogging

As experts in the SEO business, we not only understand its importance but how to effectively leverage it for your law firm. It might seem like a daunting task to undertake: building and strengthening your law firm’s visibility to the point where you’re coming up on the front page of Google. But with us, you have the experts on your side!

One of the methods we use to build SEO for law firms is blogging. Writing informative articles demonstrates your expertise and can help you be more discoverable online. For example, a person may not be looking to hire a law firm right away, but instead looking for answers to a simple legal question. If you have a blog post answering that question, you’re among the first websites to pop up in the results! You’ve proven yourself to be helpful and knowledgeable to potential clients looking for guidance and advice.

As you can tell, SEO is an important aspect of building your law firm’s business. We have the experience helping law firms like yours climb the ranks of search engine results, so reach out to us to get started!