Setting Goals With Google Ads

Google recently introduced customer acquisition goals for ads, which will now allow for better targeting of new clients by those who use this service.  Google is offering two options for these goals:  New Customer Value and New Customer Only.  Each supports a different objective in target marketing, while both allow for the calculation of the cost of acquiring new clients and customers.

Finding New Customers–The Easy Way!

For those who appreciate an easy, out-of-the-box way to locate new customers, Google Ads might be just what they are looking for.  With the addition of customer acquisition goals, businesses can now pinpoint their marketing objectives to target various types of customers, effectively screening out a large number of users who may not fit their ideal customer profiles.

According to Google sources, the new Customer Acquisition Goals service will allow businesses to target customers through three sources of input:

  • First-party data or Customer Match lists.
  • Google Tags
  • Auto-detection signals

Additionally, Google states that there will be two different ways to bid for new customers:

  • New Customer Value–in which bids are set higher for new than for existing customers
  • New Customer Only–in which bids are only given to new customers.

How Can Customer Acquisition Goals Help My Business?

If you have a business that relies on web-based leads, Customer Acquisition Goals as a part of a Google Ads campaign might be worth considering.  While it might represent an initial investment in terms of your marketing budget, it could, in the long run, help you target customers who are already looking for your particular product or service, making conversions and sales much more likely.

On the other hand, there are other ways to target these customer bases that, while not as immediately effective, maybe just as helpful in the long run.  Keyword optimization, page setup, and, most importantly, good content will always attract and build a strong customer base.  However, it may take time, and in some circumstances gaining a strong initial foothold in your field is important.

How you choose to advertise your business is up to you, and it is based on very individual factors.  There are many options available to help you market your business to the world; in fact, there are so many choices that decisions can become difficult.  This is why having the support of an experienced SEO professional can be so helpful.

At Calidatech, we have been working with businesses of all types and sizes for decades.  Because we have such a broad experience with different SEO needs, we are able to adjust our marketing strategies to fit your particular requirements.  Our professionals will treat you as an individual, not as a number, and will never give you cookie-cutter solutions!  If one method of SEO is not best for your company, we can find alternatives.  Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you improve your search engine rankings and bring more clients and customers to your door!