What is a Digital Footprint and Why is it Important?

It’s common knowledge that we live in a digital world. As individuals, everything we post, comment on, or are tagged in online makes up our web presence, which is also called a digital footprint. The same thing applies to businesses.

A digital footprint refers to how your company is represented across the internet, beyond just your website. Social media accounts, blogs, customer reviews, and even mentions on other websites all make up your digital footprint. All the information you share online creates a “persona” for your business, so potential customers are able to get to know you as an organization. A strong, positive digital footprint is something that can greatly impact your success.

There are numerous benefits to having a strong, digital footprint:

  1. Discoverability
  2. Reputation
  3. Trustworthiness

Increases Visibility

In an online-centric business world, it’s important to be visible in multiple places so potential customers can find you more easily. Whenever someone is looking to buy a product or hire a service, the first place they turn is online. With a large digital footprint, you have a higher chance of being seen by customers. Numerous, active social media profiles, interesting content to share, and a strong website are all different ways you can do so.

For example, restaurants should be on Yelp, brick-and-mortar stores should be on Google Maps, and any kind of business can benefit from a Facebook page. The more places you’re visible, the better!

Benefits Your Reputation

With an expansive web presence, you’ll be able to put your best self forward on numerous channels. You have the opportunity to control, in some ways, what information is out there about your company. You can share positive news and developments, highlight reviews from satisfied customers, and interact with others.

In this day and age, when a customer or client has a question, they may reach out via social media. Since you’re represented and active on social media, you can answer their question right away. Other clients and potential customers will see that you’re interactive and responsive, which will help your reputation.


It’s odd in this day and age for companies to not be represented online. If a customer is looking you up and sees that you don’t have any social media and your website is inactive, they can’t really get a feel for your business.

On the other hand, if you share information about your business on multiple platforms, people know you’re a legitimate, trustworthy company. Building a digital footprint allows you to build an online identity that people can interact with, allowing them to get to know your company and build trust.

Granted, it takes time and effort to expand your company’s digital footprint. Deciding what sites to be represented on, drafting up social media content, and keeping up with your website take time and effort. That’s why hiring a company to increase your SEO can be helpful; you’re able to focus on your business while we take care of expanding your digital footprint. We have plenty of experience strengthening a company’s online identity, and can make the same thing happen for you.