How to Secure Your Site From Malware

One of the most frustrating things for owners of websites is the potential damage that can be done by malware.

If not caught and removed in time, some malware programs have the ability to corrupt your files, steal your passwords and data, and access your stored contacts.

Keeping your site securely protected requires round the clock vigilance and the expertise to act if you’re hacked.

How can Caldiatech protect my site from malware?

We’ve been providing technology solutions for decades, so we know the damage that can be caused by malware.

Beyond designing and building websites for businesses and organizations to stimulate and extend their success, we go far beyond the extra mile with security.

Our ironclad security plan includes:

  • Full backups every night (including weekends and holidays)
  • Three complete weeks of data files retention
  • Aggressive removal of any malware that previously made it through, so that all traces of it are removed.

We know that in the digital age, malware is a major cyberthreat to your business, life, and data. That’s why we’re committed to reinforced diligent security to protect every point of entry for your site.

What is malware and how does it work?

In a nutshell, malware is a type of software designed to perform malicious deeds. Since it “flies under the radar,” users often do not even realize malware has wormed its way into their coding.

Malware can infiltrate websites in a host of ways, including via email and by clicking on seemingly legitimate online ads.

Among the things malware can do are:

  • Completely change the appearance of your site, including changing your content
  • Redirect your site’s visitors to malicious sites
  • Setup backdoors to your site so that cyberthieves can steal all your sensitive data
  • Remove your site for Google search results.

Late last year, the notorious WP-VCD gang created lots of headaches by spreading their malware through targeted WordPress apps. Rather than breaking into sites via emails or front-on attacks, they hid their malware in themes and plugins for their WordPress-powered sites.

In essence, site owners were infecting themselves.

Once the plugins were installed, they were then hacked within minutes as the bad guys took control of the now infected site.

What can be done to better protect my site from malware?

Vigorous security is the only way to ensure your site and data is fully protected.

We understand that with a business or organization to run, having to continually keep an eye on your site’s security is easier said than done.

The tech security experts with Caldiatech, though, can lift that burden from your shoulders so you can concentrate on your business or organization’s growth.

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