Moving to Video-Based Social Media Content

A business must always be on top of the latest trends to stay competitive in any market, and the use of social media is no exception.  A recent memo from Facebook outlines the company’s plans to move to video-based rather than photo-based content, according to an article in SEO Journal.  What this means for small businesses is a change in handling social-media-driven advertising.

How Will Facebook’s Changes Affect The Platform?

Many businesses have found value in utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform.  Currently, the platform incorporates both video and still content; however, the company is planning to move toward not only utilizing more video but also changing the way content is shared and accessed by us.

According to the internal Facebook memo, the company has three priorities when it comes to the new platform launch:

  • Utilize Reels, a video streaming program, to allow users to see more video content in their feeds. This move will supersede the traditional photo-based and text-based feed, and make video the primary method of sharing information.
  • Build a strong recommendation program. Facebook wants to support advertisers by building strong methods of recommending content to other users.  This means that ads placed on the Facebook platform are more likely to be shared and gain more exposure.
  • Unlock sharing through Messenger. Because many users are now sharing content through the Messenger app, there is a solid push to integrate more use of this part of the platform.  Recently, a decision was made to separate Messenger from Facebook as a separate app on mobile devices; it is unclear if that decision will now be reversed.

What Does Facebook’s Decision Mean For My Business?

Facebook’s focus on becoming a “discovery engine” for advertisers means that content will be promoted from accounts to which users are not connected, similar to Google Ads and other search engines.  This can have tremendous implications for any business choosing to advertise with Facebook.

While it is important to remember that Facebook is not the only social media app available, it is a leader in its field and often makes changes based on prevailing trends in social media advertising.  Since Facebook seems to be committed to focusing on video-based content, this could be a sign that most social media will soon be turning their attention to video-based ads.

What this means for the average small business is a change in thinking.  Rather than simply posting short text messages or photos, businesses should be considering ways to incorporate video into advertising campaigns.  Further, business owners should be examining their current social media use to decide if there are gaps in coverage that can be addressed with new SM content.

At Caldiatech, we work hard to ensure that your company is utilizing the latest and most cost-effective methods of advertising and marketing.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can support your business in making changes to your current marketing program and bring you up to date on the latest changes in social media and SEO advertising.