What Happens During a Website Review?

You may have been told that you need a website review.  Many business owners dread this process because they do not really understand what happens during this process.  What does it mean, exactly, to have your website reviewed?  What are the steps that are taken, and what will happen after the review?

Actually, a website review is a relatively simple process that often leads to productive conversations between you and your SEO professional.  By understanding the flow of the website review process, you will be better equipped to talk with your SEO provider about possible changes to your website and the impact they can have on your search engine results and, ultimately, your customers’ experiences.

First Steps:  Considering Your Audience

The first step in a website review actually does not take place on the website.  Instead, your SEO professional will probably want to talk with you a bit about your company.  If you have been working with this SEO professional for some time, this may just be a conversation to update your goals; if you are new to each other, the conversation may be longer.  Your SEO professional will probably want to build a profile of your typical customer, including how he or she accesses your content and what you believe your advertising goals should be.  During this conversation, your SEO company may propose some testing–either of your current website or beta testing of a proposed new website–to gauge user interactions.

Next Steps:  Optimization

If you already have an existing website, your SEO professional will want to dig into the code and content to assess your optimization.  This means that he or she will want to ensure that you have the right page titles and descriptions, are using the proper text on your images, consistently use the proper tags, provide optimum speed, and that your link structure is sound.  Of course, he or she will also want to look at your keyword saturation to be sure that it is at the right percentage as well.

Final Steps:  Testing

Your SEO professional can perform a number of tests that will show how your site ranks for various key terms.  Using Google Search Console’s Performance Report or other programs, he or she can explain to you how your website is currently performing and what proposed changes would do to your search engine rankings.  Now is also the time to beef up your social media presence and fix any broken links or other problems that might be turning people away from your website.

After a thorough review of your website, your SEO professional will be able to make firm recommendations about what to do to push your search engine rankings as high as possible!

At Caldiatch, we have been working with clients for many years to ensure that they have the cleanest, fastest and best-optimized websites possible.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can review your website and improve your search engine rankings immediately!