Writing Great Content Is Possible

When you feel that you always have to come up with new, fresh content to keep your web rankings up, it can put a great deal of strain on you. Scaling, or the process of optimizing workflow, may include outsourcing content writing, but there is no reason you cannot write great content yourself when the need arises, even if you do not consider yourself an “author.”

Here are some tips to get you started generating great content that will enhance your SEO efforts.

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How Do You Do A Content Audit?

A content audit is the process of analyzing content on a site to determine if it is the best possible use of resources and if the content is promoting the website and brand in the way it is intended to. It is important for you to have a content audit when you want to determine why your rankings are not where they should be. In most cases, changes to content will boost your rankings even if you do not do anything else to help them such as a PPC campaign.

Whether you do your own content audit or have a professional do one for you, it is important to follow a pattern that will allow you to document the changes that must be made. A good content audit will accomplish several purposes, including:

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What Is The Panda Algorithm Looking For?

You have no doubt heard of Google’s “Panda Algorithm,” and you may have even heard that Panda looks for high-quality content, but what exactly is Panda looking for?

In order to answer this question, we first must understand what Panda measures. The content issues surrounding originality, quality and interactivity are more easily understood when we realize how Panda works.

Thick Content vs. Thin Content

Many websites have suffered because of simple lack of content. While there is no definitive rule on how long a page should be, most Page 1 ranking pages are between 1,500 and 2,000 words after HTML tags are removed. This may sound like a lot if you have only 200 words on your page, but you may be able to “cheat” a little by combining several smaller pages together into one larger page with tab navigation to make it easy to read.

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SharePoint Allows Instant Collaboration

One of the best features about SharePoint, and one that makes it useful to thousands of business owners who are struggling to find good collaboration software, is the fact that with the new updates users can collaboration in “real time” on documents and save changes without emailing back and forth.

Even Dropbox and Google Docs, which were once hailed for their cloud-based collaboration capabilities, do not share documents in the way that SharePoint is capable of doing. While it is true that both Dropbox and Google Docs allow users to access documents from a number of locations, they do not share the same type of “real-time” collaboration capabilities that are evidenced in SharePoint.

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