How Are Documents Shared on SharePoint?

One of Microsoft SharePoint’s newest features in the 2013 edition is the way documents are shared across the platform. Now, with cloud technology, documents can not only be shared between users within a workgroup but from anywhere the users can access the cloud. This has completely revolutionized the way that workers are able to access … Read More

The Question You Should Be Asking: What Is SharePoint?

Of all of the available sharing platforms, one that has not received the attention it perhaps deserves is Microsoft’s SharePoint. This sharing software offers a number of features not found in other platforms and integrates it all with Microsoft’s incredibly versatile suite of data management software. SharePoint Basics SharePoint is a web-based application platform that … Read More

Wondering About Your SharePoint Security Status?

Caldiatech(tm) Can Help Microsoft SharePoint has taken the business world by storm in recent years because of its seemingly unlimited capabilities with regards to file sharing, communication and basically bringing people together into one working environment who may in reality be in several different physical locations around the world.  SharePoint increases productivity and helps teams … Read More