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paid social media

  If your SEO expert has not yet discussed paid social media advertising with you, hang on to your hat: the latest trend is to spend at least a portion of your advertising budget on social media channels rather than the old “pay-per-click” and targeted content aspects of paid marketing. Google now even says that
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facebook news feed

http://www.webpronews.com/facebook-is-messing-around-with-the-news-feed-again-heres-whats-changing-2013-08 It seems we just got word that News Feed was changing in Facebook when we have been hit with yet another series of changes in the visibility of posts. Business owners who are relying on Facebook to reach potential clients are already complaining about the new format and struggling to understand the changes that
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why search engine optimization

If you are considering “SEO” for your website, you probably have some questions. The first ones might be, “What in the world is SEO and what is it you actually do?” For the lay person, SEO can be very confusing. Here is a primer to give you some information to make a decision on whether
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search engine optimization

If not, you may be losing more traffic than you think. A recent study found that the more explicit a headline is in terms of reader takeaway, the more likely the reader is to click on it and actually read the content. Every Piece Counts Search engine optimization is far more than simply adding keywords
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