How Does OneDrive for Business Work?

Part of SharePoint’s platform is the powerful OneDrive for Business. OneDrive offers users a complete system for storing, syncing and finding files easily from anywhere in the world, as well as providing collaborative workspace for users.

What Does OneDrive Do?

OneDrive allows you to do several things that make work much easier for you and your employees, including:

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Geo-Targeting Local Landing Pages

You may be confused by the terms “geo-targeting” and “local landing pages” but it is not hard to understand the basics with a bit of study. Once you learn what these terms mean, you can begin the job of ranking your local landing pages for geo-targeted terms that will result in real, live customers to your business!

What Is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting is a term used when you focus on a geographically specific area that is pertinent to your product or brand. For example, when you travel around holding exhibitions in various locations, you might want to target specific cities with your brand information. You may also want a geo-targeting strategy for local businesses that do not serve customers worldwide.

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Integrate SharePoint and OneNote for Better Performance

When you host your OneNote notebooks on your SharePoint document library, you gain two important advantages: the ability to arrange and organize the notebooks in one location and the flexibility of controlling access to them.

How Can I Host My OneNote Notebooks on SharePoint?

It is usually best to give the responsibility for placing OneNote notebooks on SharePoint and controlling access to one person to avoid confusion. Once you have determined who will be responsible for this job that person can do several things with SharePoint:

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SEO Myths That Can Hurt Your Business

In SEO as in other businesses, there is a great deal of misinformation floating around. Unfortunately, since SEO is primarily about information, bad “facts” can hurt your business by denying you the opportunity to increase your website traffic, conversion rates and ROI.

Here are some SEO myths that may cause you to take the wrong directions with your SEO efforts:

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