Google’s New Panda Rollout Is Here

“Panda” is the name given to the set of algorithms released by Google that are designed to filter poor content and penalize websites that do not follow Google’s guidelines. Now, the latest version of Panda began a “slow rollout” this week, according to Google sources, and is predicted to affect up to five percent of all search queries.

There are a few signals added to this new algorithm that theoretically will help small and middle-sized businesses rank higher on search engine results pages or SERPs. Here are a few pointers:

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Down on the SharePoint Server Farm

You may have heard the term “farm” thrown around in connection with SharePoint or other software. What does this term mean when it is used in the context, and how can it help your business with data management?

What Is a Server Farm?

A “farm” is a logical grouping of servers that share common resources and send data to multiple sites. Typically, a farm stands alone and is not connected to any outside servers, but there may be connectivity through another part of the data platform that allows users to connect to cloud-based storage, for example.

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Keyword Analysis: Are You Looking For Keywords In All The Wrong Places?

If you are still performing keyword searches by going to Keyword Tool, typing in some words and creating a list of terms, you may find that you are missing several golden opportunities to improve your keyword analysis.

Part of the problem is that long-tail keywords rather than fathead keywords have gained ascendancy, so it is much harder to predict what searchers will type in. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to find good keywords that will increase organic traffic—if you know where to look.

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SharePoint Simplifies Online Storage Management

When OneDrive for Business upped user’s storage allotment to 1 TB and removed the quota management tab from the Online Administration Center, the experience of using SharePoint’s many features became easier. Now, a new storage model based on usage will make it even easier to manage storage availability across your team sites.

What The New Model Means For You

First, you will notice that you can reclaim much more SharePoint Online pooled storage capability with the new system. Reserved storage now applies only at the tenant level and does not tie up blocks of reserved storage; only actual use counts against your total.

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Don’t Become a Pigeon!

When Google rolled out its latest algorithm change, this one known by the ironic name of “Pigeon,” local SEO and organic rankings were affected. How do your provide support and sound advice in the wake of Google’s changes?

What Happened With Pigeon?

Pigeon changed several things including the calculations for distance around a search. In most cases, Google reduced the default radius. That means that you may no longer appear to certain local searchers, and your ranking may be affected by the new radius as well.

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SharePoint’s Great Features

We can hardly say enough about SharePoint because every time we talk about one great feature, two more seem to pop up! Here are some great features of SharePoint that you may not realize you can incorporate into your own business management.

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Do You Know How To Read Your Metrics?

You may not want to take a course in statistics, but understanding how statistics work is critical when you are trying to analyze basic performance metrics. Interpreting the results of these metrics can be problematic if you do not understand how the metrics relate to the “big picture,” and statistics is a large part of … Read More