Hummingbird Impacts SEO

Hummingbird optimization is no laughing matter, although many SEO experts have not realized its significance yet. When Moz recently polled 300 marketers about Google changes that affected their traffic, almost all of them cited Penguin and Panda but not Hummingbird. However, while Penguin and Panda specifically targeted webspam, Hummingbird may have even broader implications for … Read More

SharePoint Drives Social Communication

Microsoft SharePoint is not only a program that offers convenient document storage in a cloud base. This incredible program also offers one of the newest and most interesting forms of communication available for a data sharing program: social communication. What Does Social Communication Mean? In the past, workers communicated by email or other methods that … Read More

When You Should Ignore The Expert’s Advice

The term “best practices” has become a buzzword in everyone’s mouth these days. However, many people think that “best practices” means you should always follow a certain set of rules or procedures, and this is not true. Best practices are designed to guide behavior in most situations, but there are times when you must break with the rules and do something different. It is important to know when you can safely ignore expert advice and take a different approach in your SEO practice.

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SharePoint and Yammer: A Match Made In Heaven

Microsoft has made it clear: Yammer will be the social collaboration vehicle for SharePoint from now on. According to a recent report, Office 365 is the first program to benefit from Yammer, but SharePoint is not far behind. Future service packs will feature out-of-the-box social collaboration through Yammer. However, there has been concern that Microsoft … Read More

Diversifying Your Link Portfolio

For awhile, it seemed that blogging was the bulletproof way to build links. Now, with new Hummingbird and Panda algorithm updates, some experts are decrying the use of blogs, particularly guest blogs. However, there is still a great deal of benefit to be gotten from blogging and guest blogging if it is handled correctly. In … Read More

SharePoint Conference Available Online

The 2014 SharePoint Conference which was held March 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured several important speakers as well as more than 230 breakout sessions for developers, IT professionals and others who were interested in finding out more about how SharePoint could help their businesses. Now, all of these sessions and speakers are being offered … Read More