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Social Media Optimization and Management

There’s no doubt about it: for companies to survive in the competitive landscape on today’s markets, they must keep up with the trends – especially when it comes to marketing. In this article, we’ll talk about the personal customer experience – one of the most important trends out there – and how you can make
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Having an online presence is a great way to reach customers on the other side of the country or even the world – but what about using it to optimize your local presence? In this article, we’ll talk about how. Why Focus on Local Unless you’re a national chain, chances are good that the key
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seo caldiatech

You have such a dazzling array of nifty little tools at your disposal when it comes to SEO marketing that it is easy to get bogged down in the tools rather than the end goals.  However, all the neat programs in the world will not save a floundering web page if you do not focus
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youtube video response

As of September 12, users will no longer be able to leave a video response as a comment on a YouTube video. Google cites incredibly low response including a .004 percent click-through rate as a reason to cut the feature. Instead, YouTubers are being asked to focus on titles, hashtags and descriptions to engage audiences
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It seems everyone has a Facebook page, but few people or businesses know how to optimize their pages for search.  Unfortunately, this means that a business’s Facebook page may not be delivering the content punch it could due to poor reach or lack of searchability by targeted groups. It is important to maximize your Facebook
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search engine optimization

What has happened to the SEO industry in the past few years?  It is easier to say what has not happened:  it has not remained static.  The changes in SEO strategy have been so fundamental and far-reaching that it is safe to say that SEO is not the same industry it was ten years ago.
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