How To Flirt Successfully With Google

Flirting is an art form.  It is not something that is done successfully by bludgeoning someone with attention.  Similarly, flirting successfully with Google is often a matter of subtlety rather than brute force.  According to experts, when you find that your website rankings are not what you wish, you must fine-tune your approach to the … Read More

How To Stop Your Pages From Disappearing

It may seem incredible, but it has been known to happen–a home page or other important anchor page simply disappears from Google’s rankings overnight.  When it does happen, clients sometimes do not know until the problem has been entrenched for some time, especially if they do not have someone monitoring their website performance on a … Read More

Banner Ads For All – Or Not? Google’s New Rules

According to a recent article, Google is changing the rules about showing banner ads on branded search results.  In the past, Google banned banner ads, but the search engine giant is apparently allowing them now, perhaps in response to opinions that other search engines have more visually appealing results.  While it is not yet clear … Read More