How Do I Use Nofollow Tags Successfully?

According to the experts, the nofollow tag is a useful little tool that can help you manage your SEO campaign effectively by blocking some tags from being picked up on by search engines.  While this may seem counterintuitive, there are good reasons not to count certain links as “votes” for search engines. In The Old … Read More

‘Tis the Season To Shop for Gadgets

According to the latest research on what consumers are looking for on the web, product searches have been taken over by fitness, mobile devices and gaming consoles.  This leads experts to believe that this holiday season will see a run on these types of items to be given as gifts.  These findings also have implications … Read More

The Challenge In Google’s New Algorithm

For those in the world of web marketing, at least for those concerned with how Google affects that field, the month of October has presented challenges to the way we find information.  Google “went dark” on providing those who own web sites with information on Google Analytics as to which search terms people are using … Read More