C3IT Offers Microsoft Gold Partnership Services

When it comes to partners for your company, you want only the best. C3IT, located on the web at https://c3itus.com , is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and as such the company offers collaborative portals on SharePoint as well as self-service Business Intelligence and Custom Enterprise Software. C3IT provides case management and safety compliance solutions that … Read More

How Topical Are Your Links?

There is a great debate swirling around how topical links must be in order to give you the SEO value you want. Which links pack the most punch and deliver the highest quality for your website? Which links should you pursue and which ones do not really matter?

Site vs. Page—Context Matters

First, it is important to clarify what Google looks at in terms of site versus page. If Google gives more weight to a site than a page, then the overall purpose of the site is more important to link building than the content of a particular page. If the opposite is true, then the content of the page is all-important. This is a consideration that must be addressed, because there may be a particular article in a page that is relevant to your site, even if the overall purpose of the site is not relevant.

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Identify Your Own Online Community


An online community is a group of users who have something in common. Hopefully, your online community will be composed of users who all want something that you have: products, services or information. How do you identify your own special online community and build it through the use of social media and other methods?

In order to build the right online community, it is important to first answer a few questions, such as:

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