HTTPS vs. HTTP: How Secure Is Your Website?

Are you sometimes confused about the terms used by your SEO professional when discussing your website?  If so, you are not alone.  Most business owners hire SEO companies because they do not understand the “behind the scenes” issues that impact a strong web presence.  However, understanding some basic terminology and how it affects your website can be beneficial in helping you make good decisions about your own SEO strategy.  One example of this is understanding the difference between an HTTPS and HTTP website, and how it affects your search engine rankings.

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Should You Invest in Social Media Advertising?

Social media may be one of the most powerful vehicles for advertising ever invented.  In the past, most advertising depended upon placing your message in the right spots to be noticed by potential clients and customers.  With social media algorithms, your customers are driven straight to your message without ever searching for it, based on their previous browsing behavior.

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More Than Half of Small Businesses Have No SEO Plan

According to a recent survey of small businesses in the United States and Canada, nearly 60 percent have no real SEO strategy, and almost a quarter have no immediate plans to create one.

The survey, commissioned by UpCity and conducted by Pollfish, asked more than 600 small- to medium-sized businesses about their SEO plans.  About 57 percent of all business owners or employees responded that the company had no strategy for search engine optimization, and another 23 percent further confessed that they had no plans for web-based advertising success.  About 44 percent of all the businesses surveyed have a current SEO plan, and 34 percent of those surveyed stated that making a plan to improve their SEO strategy in the coming year was a top priority.

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