Collaborating via SharePoint

One of the best features of SharePoint is the program’s ability to allow users to collaborate in a variety of settings. With real-time chat, message-board capability and content sharing options, you can keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

SharePoint—Sharing Content Responsibly

One of the biggest problems that managers and owners of companies face is how to allow employees access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively without allowing them unlimited access to sensitive data. With SharePoint, those problems are solved. You can allow your employees to access content responsibly without the danger of them seeing proprietary or sensitive information that they may not be authorized to see.

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SharePoint Simplifies Online Storage Management

When OneDrive for Business upped user’s storage allotment to 1 TB and removed the quota management tab from the Online Administration Center, the experience of using SharePoint’s many features became easier. Now, a new storage model based on usage will make it even easier to manage storage availability across your team sites.

What The New Model Means For You

First, you will notice that you can reclaim much more SharePoint Online pooled storage capability with the new system. Reserved storage now applies only at the tenant level and does not tie up blocks of reserved storage; only actual use counts against your total.

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SharePoint’s Great Features

We can hardly say enough about SharePoint because every time we talk about one great feature, two more seem to pop up! Here are some great features of SharePoint that you may not realize you can incorporate into your own business management.

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SharePoint Allows Instant Collaboration

One of the best features about SharePoint, and one that makes it useful to thousands of business owners who are struggling to find good collaboration software, is the fact that with the new updates users can collaboration in “real time” on documents and save changes without emailing back and forth.

Even Dropbox and Google Docs, which were once hailed for their cloud-based collaboration capabilities, do not share documents in the way that SharePoint is capable of doing. While it is true that both Dropbox and Google Docs allow users to access documents from a number of locations, they do not share the same type of “real-time” collaboration capabilities that are evidenced in SharePoint.

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SharePoint Drives Social Communication

Microsoft SharePoint is not only a program that offers convenient document storage in a cloud base. This incredible program also offers one of the newest and most interesting forms of communication available for a data sharing program: social communication. What Does Social Communication Mean? In the past, workers communicated by email or other methods that … Read More

SharePoint Conference Available Online

The 2014 SharePoint Conference which was held March 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured several important speakers as well as more than 230 breakout sessions for developers, IT professionals and others who were interested in finding out more about how SharePoint could help their businesses. Now, all of these sessions and speakers are being offered … Read More

SharePoint Does Five Things Very Well

SharePoint, the collaboration software from Microsoft, can be used to perform thousands of everyday tasks across the entire spectrum of your organization. However, SharePoint is really designed to do five particular types of tasks very effectively: share, organize, discover, build and manage. Within each of these categories, SharePoint offers the capability to perform many different … Read More

SharePoint Convention Features Bill Clinton

The 2014 SharePoint convention, held in Las Vegas, featured Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker. The Microsoft team took over the Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas beginning March 3. Until March 6, the Venetian Hotel was home to one of the most anticipated conferences of the year featuring SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365. … Read More