What Do You Mean I Have To Pay For It?

If your SEO expert has not yet discussed paid social media advertising with you, hang on to your hat: the latest trend is to spend at least a portion of your advertising budget on social media channels rather than the old “pay-per-click” and targeted content aspects of paid marketing. Google now even says that the … Read More

Not Again! Businesses Less Than Impressed with Facebook Changes

http://www.webpronews.com/facebook-is-messing-around-with-the-news-feed-again-heres-whats-changing-2013-08 It seems we just got word that News Feed was changing in Facebook when we have been hit with yet another series of changes in the visibility of posts. Business owners who are relying on Facebook to reach potential clients are already complaining about the new format and struggling to understand the changes that … Read More

What Do SEO People Actually Do?

If you are considering “SEO” for your website, you probably have some questions. The first ones might be, “What in the world is SEO and what is it you actually do?” For the lay person, SEO can be very confusing. Here is a primer to give you some information to make a decision on whether … Read More

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your SEO?

There are many more types of marketing tools available today than there were a few years ago.  Two of the most important for service industries such as law offices are press releases and social media. Press Releases—Do I Need Them? Service industries benefit particularly from the power of the press release.  Almost any news story … Read More

SEO Industry Changes

What has happened to the SEO industry in the past few years?  It is easier to say what has not happened:  it has not remained static.  The changes in SEO strategy have been so fundamental and far-reaching that it is safe to say that SEO is not the same industry it was ten years ago. … Read More