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“Panda” is the name given to the set of algorithms released by Google that are designed to filter poor content and penalize websites that do not follow Google’s guidelines. Now, the latest version of Panda began a “slow rollout” this week, according to Google sources, and is predicted to affect up to five percent of
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blogging google algorithm

For awhile, it seemed that blogging was the bulletproof way to build links. Now, with new Hummingbird and Panda algorithm updates, some experts are decrying the use of blogs, particularly guest blogs. However, there is still a great deal of benefit to be gotten from blogging and guest blogging if it is handled correctly. In
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google duplicate content

Confusion has always surrounded what type of content is acceptable by Google when it comes to duplication.  Can you copy “legal boilerplate” such as a Privacy Policy page or will that earn you a strike from the search engine giant?  Can you copy page-to-page from one website to another if you want to use the
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Flirting is an art form.  It is not something that is done successfully by bludgeoning someone with attention.  Similarly, flirting successfully with Google is often a matter of subtlety rather than brute force.  According to experts, when you find that your website rankings are not what you wish, you must fine-tune your approach to the
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