How Does SharePoint Integrate With Office 365?

Office 365 is the newest evolution of the wildly popular Microsoft Office suite of word- and document-processing software to hit the shelves or, in this case, the airwaves.  Office 365’s claim to fame is that it is entirely web-based, making it much more convenient for sharing between remote points.  SharePoint integrates with Office 365 to … Read More

Rebranding Through Social Media

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Matt Cutts: A Funny Take On A Big Issue

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How You Can Up Your Mobile Game

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SharePoint Adds Business Value

SharePoint adds value to any business, but it is important for business owners to understand the benefits they get from SharePoint in order to fully appreciate what the program can do for their companies. Here are some immediate benefits you will gain when you start using SharePoint to organize your business’s work and data. Save … Read More

Optimizing Local Reviews for Your Business

Business reviews are nothing new, but making them work hard to support your business is now much easier thanks to the Internet. However, it is very important to understand that reviews are not simply static items on a message board; they are conversations between the customers, the business and the rest of the world. In … Read More

SharePoint Offers Varieties for Every Job

SharePoint, Microsoft’s online sharing platform, has a variety of options to make this program useful for everyone. The various facets of SharePoint make the program customizable to almost any business need for companies of any size, no matter how many employees are involved. Here is a look at the various aspects of SharePoint and the … Read More