Pass the Link Juice, Please

We all think we know how Google operates, but there are actually hundreds of factors that can influence a web page’s rankings with this search engine.  One of these is PageRank, determined by the “link juice” passed from one page to another when various pages link up on the Internet by sharing information. What Is … Read More

Personalization and SEO: Marrying Users to Brands

Let’s face it:  there is something a little creepy about how much Google knows and does.  The creator of driverless cars and leap-motion interfaces is also the creator of targeted marketing at a whole new level through tracking of ISP users and the places they visit on the web.  Google does not apologize for this … Read More

Create In-Depth, Evergreen Content with These Great Tips

Creating content is about more than simply putting words on a page.  Today’s content must be even more focused on in-depth examination of various topics or must provide original, useful facts or opinions.  Tired, recycled content is simply not going to make the grade with algorithms of increasing complexity. Google rocked the SEO world with … Read More

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Changes the Game With New Mobile Apps

It’s really remarkable to think about just how fast the world of technology continues to change and advance.  Devices and functionality that were considered ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘wave of the future’ just a few short years ago are now considered nothing more than obsolete.  As such, companies that provide technology to a worldwide market need to … Read More