4 Ways to Up Your Business’s Game on Instagram

If Instagram is not on your social media marketing plan, it should be. Two months after its launch in 2010, it had one million users. Right now, there are 500 million active users. It’s bigger than Twitter, which has 313 million active users.

In this article, we’ll share tips for how you can position your business for success on Instagram with compelling content, which can be tricky since so much emphasis on Instagram is placed upon imagery.

  1. Start with a compelling bio.
    Remember, like attracts like, so your business’s bio needs to be a good one. Striking the balance between convincing and concise can be a tricky task, but most people like to know a little bit about your business before they start following you.

You’ll want to include a profile photo that reflects your business’s personality and the image that you’re comfortable with portraying.

Remember also to include your website address as well as links to other social media accounts.

  1. Creating visual imagery that tells your brand’s story.
    Just about any business in practically any industry should be able to. The folks at Salesforce are doing a good job with their Instagram account. With nearly 23 thousand followers, they continually update their profile with emotional photographs that tell their business’s story and mission.
  2. Hashtags are your friends.
    They’re not just for Twitter anymore! In fact, hashtags have spread to just about all social media platforms.

The key is to understand your industry-related hashtags. Have a look at what your competitors are doing with their hashtags or to pick up on any niche tags they’re using.

If you use particular hashtags merely because they’re popular, you come across as desperate for attention.

  1. Post and share real photos.
    Instagram is definitely a platform where real raw photos work better than professionally staged ones. This is not the place for slick professionally staged and photographed pictures. Instagram followers are more drawn to real photos of real people doing real things.

Partner with Caldiatech to do Social Media Right

Social media, perhaps more so than any other medium, has done more to bring us all together and reach new audiences than seemingly all previous forms.

Because the nature of the social media beast is to continually change, it’s important to partner with professionals who know what’s beyond the cutting edge.

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