4 Ways to Mix Online and Offline Marketing for Your Business

While we talk a lot about online marketing strategies, offline traditional marketing should not be ignored – especially at the local level.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can have a unified marketing effort – online and offline – to strengthen your brand and grow your business at the local level.

Sponsorships Can Payoff Big Time
Every community has events that require sponsorship. Whether it’s a school sports team or tournament, nonprofit event or cultural happening, sponsoring a local event can give lots of bang for your marketing buck.

According to marketer Dana Zarcone, sponsorships enable you to “get your name out there, plus you’ll be building your referral network as you make connections within the organization or group that you’re helping.”

To maximize your efforts, find an event that feels like a natural fit for your product or even your own personality.

Speak at Events For Your Industry
Most B2B and B2C industries have regular conferences and events. By serving as a speaker, you’re establishing yourself as an expert or leader in your field.

Also, be sure to include your company logo on all print materials that you provide.

Because most conferences are recorded, secure a copy so that you can upload it to your business website, as well as your YouTube and other social media channels.

Move Your Business’s Ads Online
There’s no denying the popularity of watching videos online or the declining market for television. In response, more and more businesses are directly uploading their ads to their sites and social media channels.

This removes guesswork associated with finding the right channels and shows to advertise on. With online advertising, you can specifically target your customers and be more agile about how you tweak your efforts.

•Split Test All Efforts
Say you want to run a promotion on your site and want to find the right headline. One draft says “40% off all selections” while otherS tout “Free shipping on all your purchases today.”

Rather than guessing which is better, set up your site so that it randomly displays either headline to your visitors and then tracks which one leads to more sales.

Once you know which headline draws more sales, you can continue to tweak your efforts.

That’s split testing.

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