4 Ways To Tell If Your Business’s Site Is Outdated

A web presence is the most effective method of reaching and building targeted audiences. It’s also a fast way to nurse a negative impact on your business. In this article, we’ll focus on ways you can tell if your business’s site is outdated or dull.

Information That’s Outdated
Dated content can confuse and aggravate customers. It can also give new visitors to your site the impression that you’re no longer in business.

At the bare minimum, update the copyright date each year and make sure your business’s blog is updated regularly. If you don’t have the time, hire a freelancer to update the blog for you. Also, it’s key that your services and products are in compliance with the current regulation.

Audio or Video That Plays Automatically
Multimedia can be a powerful way to hold the attention of your visitors, but don’t jolt them with sights and sounds that launch automatically. Let the user decide if they want to listen.

Flash and Animation
Want to feel dated? Animated graphics on websites went out of vogue back in the 90s. Flash introduction is also irritating and actually hampers access to your site.

Coding That’s Past The Sale-By Date
Sites that are table-based or use unnecessary HTML tags often date your site immediately and are slower to load. Impatient users will not wait long. Designs that are cluttered can make sites ugly and mystifying navigation.

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