Apps Make SharePoint Even More Versatile

SharePoint is one of the most versatile of all platforms, and the ability to add apps makes it even more useful for a wide variety of applications. There are SharePoint apps that work with all types of Microsoft Office programs, including:

  • Apps for Excel. You can choose from a PayPal app that allows you to invoice clients quickly and easily, SmartCharts that allow you to create instant presentation material out of Excel data and even Excel Training and Tips for new users.
  • Apps for Outlook. Take your email to a new level with SharePoint apps for Outlook, including Nimble App, Package Tracker, Messageware Utility Belt and OneDrive Business for Outlook.
  • Apps for PowerPoint. You can take your employee use of PowerPoint to a new level with Training and Tips apps, or choose Search4Answers, Ultimate Plagiarism Checker, Montage or Maps for Office to utilize this program to its fullest extent with all your employees.
  • Apps for SharePoint. SharePoint has its own specific apps, including Yammer, the popular discussion/chat app that allows your employees to communicate instantly on ongoing projects.
  • Apps for Word. Contextual, Wikipedia, Maps for Office and DocuSign for Microsoft Word can all give you greater functionality from one of the world’s most popular programs.
  • Apps for Project. Plan your workload with Sensei Task Analyzer and Project Dashboard, Task Auditor and Workload Timer.

No matter how productive your work group is currently, you can increase their output with the right apps for SharePoint.

Whether you are interested in communication, CRM, productivity, project management, sales and marketing or training and tutorials, SharePoint has an app to fit your needs.

How Can I Integrate the Right Apps Into My SharePoint Experience?

Choosing the right apps when so many are available can be challenging. However, it is easy to find the right apps for your business when you think about the tasks you do most often. Make a list of the five to ten tasks that make up the majority of your work, then search for apps that handle this type of work. You can conduct a similar audit of your employees and work groups and even let them have input on which apps they find most useful in their work.

With SharePoint, you can give your employees access to apps across workgroups as well as allow them to download their own personal apps. Both ways help you and your employees to be as productive as possible.