Are Your Links All They Should Be?

In a recent entry, we spoke about the value of including hyperlinks on your business’s site, blog and marketing efforts. We take things a bit further with this entry by focusing on the best practices of how hyperlinks appear on your site.

Why your hyperlinks should never read “click here.”

It’s important to remember that many visitors to your site actually scan rather than read the entire pages. Instinctively, our eyes are attracted to text that is different, like headings and bolded text or keywords.

If hyperlinks on your page simply read “click here” or “read more,” the reader is forced to read back up in order to gain some context before getting a clear idea of where the link will take them. That’s just too much work.

How does “click here” affect SEO?

To be blunt, the words “click here” effectively kill off your search engine optimization (SEO). That’s because Google will read your page pretty much the way a typical screen reader will – the only exception is that Google will follow every link on your page.

Specifically, Google will compare the text used when linking to a page to the text on the linked page itself.

What’s the best way to label hyperlinks?

The best thing you can do for visitors to your site is to make things easy for them. To do that with hyperlinks, use a few words to describe exactly what the user will experience if they choose to click on the hyperlink.


For example, if you wanted your readers to find out how many teeth a great white shark has, just hyperlink the pertinent words.

Link wisely, my friends.

It’s imperative that you check each hyperlink before you publish the text. Linking to sources that will take your visitors to non-credible sites can do an incredible amount of damage to your reputation.

Remember, providing links is a way to help your readers, and goes a long way to building your trust and demonstrating your honesty.

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