As Google+ Fades Out, Google My Business Strengthens

In early October, Google officials confirmed they were discontinuing the consumer version of Google+. If all goes according to plan, the phase-out should be complete by August of this year. Keep in mind that the corporate version of Google+ will still be available.

With the sun setting of Google+, though, is a renewed emphasis on Google My Business (GMB).

Which platform should you use for your business?

In this issue, the business technology experts with Caldiatech will explain both platforms and the differences between the two. You can use this information to decide which of the two works best for you and your business.

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What does Google+ do?

Simply put, Google+ is a social media outlet much like Facebook. Launched in 2011 with a lot of hooplas, Google+ makes it possible to use all of your other Google services (Gmail, Chrome, Google Photos, etc.) within Google+.

Google+ users can also establish group chats, and take part in instant messaging.

In the end, Google+ was not a competitor to Facebook, and new outlets eventually removed the G+ sharing button from their articles.

What does Google My Business do?

Known originally as Google Places for Business, Google My Business is an online dashboard business owners can use to control and monitor their online presence.

With the dashboard, owners can control how their businesses appear on Google Search and Maps. This includes providing your business name, add photos, location, an hour of operation, and contact info. You can also monitor and reply to reviews by customers.

As long as you have a Google Account, getting started with Google My Business is rather easy.

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