Pay-Per-Click – What Does This Mean For Your Business?

One surefire way of drawing potential customers to your business’s website is Pay-Per-Click marketing  – known informally as PPC. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of PPC marketing and how it can boost your business.


PPC Marketing at a Glance

When you’re in a PPC marketing campaign, you’re only paying for each time your ad is clicked in search engine marketing. In essence, you bid for your online ad placement based upon a keyword phrase.


For example, in our case, we would bid on search phrases related to Internet PPC marketing. When someone enters that search phrase into their search engine, our ad should show up in the top spots on the results page. Each time our ad is clicked or swiped, the user is sent to our website and we, in turn, pay the small fee to the search engine.


How to Create a Winning PPC Campaign

There’s a lot more to it than merely describing your industry in a few words. In fact, there’s lots of research that goes into selecting the best words to use, what order to arrange them and setting up the landing pages – the actual page that the user will be redirected to. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Work with someone who knows the business.
    It’s in your best interest to work with someone (preferably Caldiatech!) who knows what they’re doing because search engines will reward you for useful and satisfying user experiences by charging you less for the clicks.


  • Use the right words and phrases.
    The research on the best keywords and phrases to use should be ongoing as you continue to grow and refine your efforts. In a nutshell, a powerful PPC keyword or phrase list should:


    1. Be relevant to your potential customers. Remember, you’re going to be paying for all those clicks so you need to be strategic and selective about who will be directed to your site.
    2. Focus on concise phrases as well as the long-tail keyword – phrases that are longer in length and indicate that a customer is close to making a purchase.


  • Send users to the right page.
    There’s a lot of things that can make online searches frustrating for customers – and one of the big ones is to force visitors to navigate your entire site for a particular item. If you’ve got a special on sea kayaks, for example, don’t make the contact page serve as the landing page for your campaign. Rather, make sure  the customer lands on a page featuring those specific kayaks.


Get the Most Bang for the Buck in PPC Marketing  with Caldiatech

Here at Caldiatech, we’ve seen how effective PPC marketing  and marketing can be for small business owners. We’re big fans of the approach and have years of experience doing it. We’d love to talk with you and then show you how PPC can make your business take off. Call us here at Caldiatech by dialing 800-728-1441 or send us an email today for a free consultation