Being TAGFEE on Facebook – The Way To Generate Traffic

What is TAGFEE?  It is an acronym that stands for the things you should be doing on Facebook to generate organic traffic for your website:

T is for Transparent.  Your Facebook page must be easily accessible to your target audience and must show clearly what you do, how you do it and where your priorities lie.  Facebook audiences have a very short arc of attention and are not interested in “digging deeper” to get to know you.  Like it or not, you need to be up front with your audience, which leads to the next quality . . .

A is for Authentic.  Facebook content must be authentic and original.  Simple reposting news stories or failing to engage your audience in a dialog is not going to be enough to keep fans interested.  You must be ready to engage in a dialog that is satisfying to your users and allows them input, and that means “keeping it real” and being consistent with your posts and interactions.  This leads us to . . .

G is for Generous.  Spend some time on Facebook.  It’s not a chore you do once a week; it is a way for you to truly connect with your customer base.  Never underestimate the power of a simple “thank you” response to a good post on your page.

F is for Fun.  Facebook is, really, about having fun—that’s why people keep doing it.  In between playing Candy Crush and dishing about their co-workers, people who use Facebook like to browse fun and interesting posts by companies they may want to do business with.  That’s you, by the way.  Keep your posts fun and you will find that you draw attention to yourself quickly.

E is for Empathetic.  You should never be afraid to promote yourself and your brand.  You are the best at what you do—so do not be shy!

E is for Exceptional.  Every post and every response should be of top quality.  Do not delegate Facebook responses to the intern; take your own turn and review your posts before they go up on your page to ensure they are of exceptional quality.

Facebook uses the largest share of social space and is still the easiest and best way for businesses to diversify a marketing campaign and include social media as part of their strategy.