Bone-Crushing Mistakes to Avoid in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has little in common with traditional marketing. It really is an entirely different beast. Because of that, it’s very easy for business owners to become frustrated when their Internet marketing investment doesn’t seem to be paying off.

With that in mind, here are a few absolutely bone-crushing mistakes many companies – large and small – make in their Internet marketing efforts.

  1. Content or copy should be audience-based.
    Visitors – or potential customers – come to your business’s site because they’re looking for something to help them in some way.Many companies fill their web pages with overly detailed and inwardly-focused content that doesn’t provide visitors with any reason to complete a transaction or request more information.They typically could not care less about your business’s strategy, history, thought leadership, innovative thinking, etc.
  2. Little lead validation.
    Lead validation is the separation of sales leads from other website activity, like sales solicitations, customer service requests, etc. If there’s no validation, the effectiveness of your various campaigns will not be known.This is critical because particular keywords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can generate a lot of conversions but still not generate a sufficient amount of validated leads.
  3. Calls to action that are lame.
    For any effective Internet marketing campaign, the call to action is a primary ingredient for success. Most of the time, a successful call to action results in a sales conversion.

Rather than simply having a line that reads, “For more information…” a successful call to action should include actual offers that are relevant to the visitor and the product.

Successful calls to action generally are visually striking, brief, and action-oriented with verbs like “download” or “register.”

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