Collaborating via SharePoint

One of the best features of SharePoint is the program’s ability to allow users to collaborate in a variety of settings. With real-time chat, message-board capability and content sharing options, you can keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

SharePoint—Sharing Content Responsibly

One of the biggest problems that managers and owners of companies face is how to allow employees access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively without allowing them unlimited access to sensitive data. With SharePoint, those problems are solved. You can allow your employees to access content responsibly without the danger of them seeing proprietary or sensitive information that they may not be authorized to see.

Additionally, you can create unlimited groups so that employees can quickly share content with the right people. Rather than endlessly emailing everyone with tons of non-applicable information, clogging up inboxes and frustrating employees, your company can now efficiently send and share information, update documents and handle correspondence without the bulky, cumbersome email or drive system you may now be using.

SharePoint—Real-Time Communication

Chat may be a dirty word to some managers, but you can harness the power of real-time communication to exponentially increase your employees’ productivity if you know the right way to go about it!

SharePoint allows your employees to use a real-time communication platform to collaborate about ongoing jobs while they view these documents on the server. Changes are made in real-time and updated immediately as well. Therefore, everyone always has the latest copy of any information, and project managers can make informed decisions and edits based on everyone’s input.

SharePoint—Evergreen Communication

The need for evergreen communication or archives of communication is also important in many businesses. You need a place where employees can go into a message-board format and leave correspondence that others can see. Your employees should also be able to control who sees these messages by choosing various groups or entities to access them.

SharePoint does all this by giving you not only real-time communication ability but also archived communication through its flexible platform. No matter what your company’s communication needs, SharePoint is ready!

When you choose SharePoint, you know that your company will have the flexibility it needs along with the promise of the very best in tech support and quality programming. Contact SharePoint today to learn more about how this platform can meet your company’s needs!