Don’t Be Modest! Event Sponsoring Key To Increasing Engagement

When you were a child, were you told that it is rude to take credit for your good actions?  While your parents may have told you that it negates the value of what you have done for someone if you brag about it, there are exceptions to that rule.  It is no doubt true that you should be appropriately modest in most social situations, but in advertising you should gain benefits from your good deeds.

If there is ever a place to give yourself a pat on the back, social platforms are that place.  You should be using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular sites to push your brand or your firm’s image, and that includes the great things you have done to benefit your community.  However, many legal firms simply use these media to send out the same old tired content.  Have you ever thought of bragging a bit on your social platforms about your company’s sponsorships?

After all, if your firm is sponsoring a non-profit event like a marathon to help the disabled, a back-to-school award program for teachers or a benefit to raise awareness about social issues, you should be proud.  You and your firm are doing something that many people in this “all-about-me” world do not do: giving back to the community.  If you are making a difference in people’s lives, you deserve some credit for your efforts, and social media is the way to get that recognition from a large group of people.

There is another benefit to using social media to tell the world about your sponsorships:  you draw attention to the very causes you want to support.  Many people today look to Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms for information far beyond what their friends are up to on vacation; in fact, many people get the majority of their “local news” from social media.  They scan these platforms for information about sales, events, and local happenings, so pushing out information about your corporate sponsorships will give you not only a voice that will resonate with your public but a chance to give your chosen causes additional exposure and a little boost in the public eye.

Social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your message out to large groups of users. Try putting your next firm-sponsored event on social media and see how quickly you grab people’s attention!