Find Out How You Can Use Halloween To Get New Customers

With Halloween just around the corner, businesses large and small have a fantastic opportunity to capitalize and attract new customers. After the long summer months, consumers are reading to welcome in the fall season.

Because Halloween is on a Monday this year, we’ll share a few tips for how you can attract new customers to your business during the work week.

Get creative with your online presence.

One of the things regularly done by Google is to change their homepage logo to coincided with themes, seasonal changes and historical events. You can generate the same type of buzz by adding a Halloween element to your business site.

Embrace the costume wearers.

A fun day at work can be a huge boost to the morale of your employees. Encourage them to use their creativity and wear the costumes to work and share photos of them on your business’s social media platforms.

Take it a step further and invite customers to tag themselves in Halloween garb on your business’s Facebook page.

Order Trick-or-Treat bags.

Personalized trick-or-treat bags with your company’s logo on it will definitely make kids and parents take note. Just pass out the bags to customers in the days leading up to Halloween.

Partner with other businesses for trick-or-treating.

Join forces with your neighboring businesses to create a fun atmosphere for children – and possibly impress their parents with your efforts. Good ideas include hosting a trick-or-treating night or scavenger hunt.

As the kids and their parents travel from one business to the next, you can hand the parents coupons or other offers.

Throw a party!

Go all out and throw a Halloween party for your clients, vendors, loyal customers and prospects. This gives you and your team a fantastic opportunity to make personal connections through things like pumpkin carving or scariest costume contests.

Just make sure you have lots of treats and marketing materials on-hand.

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