Find Out How WordPress Just Made SEO Easy!

In early October, WordPress added “Advanced SEO Tools” to its programming. It’s actually a powerful trio of tools that will give business owners the abilities to:

  • Write custom meta descriptions for blog posts
  • Write custom title elements for different pages
  • See how a URL will look when shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks as well as how it will look in Google’s search results.

Designed Specifically for Business Owners

While any WordPress user will be able to access these new features, the tools were actually designed for WordPress Business Plan users, a group made up of business owners and others who have are still getting their heads around SEO and what it’s all about.


Previewing the Tools


Custom Meta Descriptions

You’ve probably noticed while doing a Google search – or a search on just about any engine – that a small description for each result shows up. With Advanced SEO Tools, you can customize that information as you see fit so that it does a better job of actually capturing the attention of readers and driving them to your site.

Custom Title Elements

This is a cool way to improve your search page ranking. With this tool, you can customize how page titles appear on different sections of your site, and even add custom separators between the items.

Social and Search Previews

It’s frustrating to go to so much work with a particular page and have to start over after finding out that it doesn’t appear to readers as you had hoped. With the Preview tool, you’ll be able to see exactly how the results of your hard work will look online to others before you actually go live with everything.

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