Find Out How Your Business Can Benefit From New Google Post Offerings

In early June, Google announced new ways you can use Google Posts to tell potential customers about offerings at your business. We’ll talk about it in this issue.

What is Google Posts?

Making their debut in January 2016 for the initial exclusive use of U.S. presidential candidates, Google Posts became available to business owners in March of that year. Essentially, Google Posts allows you to create content about your business in card format that appears high in Google search results for your product or business name.

What’s new with Google Posts?

With their unveiling, Google introduced two new types of posts. While one (Product Posts) enables business owners to talk about specific products, the other (Offer Posts) provides a venue for promotional sales or special limited offers from your business.

What do I need to do?

For the Product Posts, all that’s needed is a photo or video and a title. You can even include a call to action, such as “visit our store to check out and test this camera.”

On Offer Posts, you include start/end dates and times for specific promotional offerings you have. You can also include a photo or video, coupon code, link to your site, and the terms and conditions associated with the offer. For example, if you’re offering 20% off the price of that new camera for a specific amount of time, an Offer Post would be the most effective way to do it.

What other types of Google Posts are there?

The two new offerings bring the number of available Google Posts to four. The other two are What’s New Posts, and Event Posts.

  • The What’s New Posts are ideal for letting customers know about specific new products. If, for example, you own a clothing store, and want to promote a new line of shoes, you could provide a photo or video of the product, a link to your site and other information.
  • The Event Posts are ideal for promoting specific events for which your business is involved. For example, a restaurant owner could use Event Posts to promote a karaoke night. In addition to including a photo or video, you’ll also need event start/end dates and times, and other information as you see fit.

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