Find Out Which Social Media Channel is Right For Your Business

Social media, when used the right way, can be a powerful ally for businesses – especially smalls ones with fixed marketing budgets and owners who have little spare time. The mainstays like Facebook and Twitter are obviously well known, but what about the many others?

In this issue, we’ll provide a snapshot look at several social media outlets so that you’ll be in a much better position to decide if some or all are appropriate for your business presence.

Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Use Social Media

About 75% of American adults are users of social media. Before assuming that its only the 18-29 demographic age market who use social media, consider that 35% of the 65 and older demographic are also regular social media users. That’s more than three times what were reported merely a few years ago.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center found that social media is where a majority of American adults now turn to for the news.

The Top Social Media Outlets and What They’re Good For


Good for:

  • Interacting with current and potential customers
  • Promoting local events hosted by businesses
  • Targeting specific audiences

Google Plus

Good for:

  • Creating and updating your business’s listing for local search results and Google Maps
  • Integrating reviews from customers so that they show up in search results
  • Businesses hosting local events

(Even though it has over 142 million users, Yelp is technically not a social network; but it’s still a valuable outlet for businesses.)

Good for:

  • Maintaining your business’s reputation
  • Targeting specific audiences searching for a type of business in a particular area
  • Businesses in the food & drink, entertainment, beauty & fitness industries as well as other local services


Good for:

  • Industries that rely upon visual media
  • Sharing photos and short video clips


Good for:

  • Interacting with current and potential customers
  • Using targeted ads to reach specific audiences
  • Announcing your business’s latest news


Good for:

  • Integrating and embedding videos on your business’s main site as well as other social media channels
  • Turning up rich video snippets from your business in search results
  • Geo-targeting audiences based upon their location


Good for:

  • Networking with other business owners and professionals in your area
  • Lead generation
  • Finding new employees


Good for:

  • Generating viral results with short video clips
  • Being used with Twitter
  • Reaching users on weekends


Good for:

  • Reaching women and mothers as well as users who are more affluent
  • The home decor, fashion and arts audience

Partner With Caldiatech to Optimize Your Business’s Social Media Presence

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