Find Out How Twitter’s Moments Can Create Buzz About Your Business

In a previous issue, we shared ways to leverage Instagram’s Stories to boost your business. But why should users of Instagram have all the fun when Twitter has its Moments feature?

In this article, we’ll hone in on Twitter’s Moments, and talk about how it can be used to help your business.

What are Twitter Moments?

The idea is similar to what Instagram did with Stories, which allows users to string photos together to make a slideshow gallery. With Moments, your business account can put together a collection of tweets that are linked by a subject matter. They can include Twitter conversations, memes, live commentary and simple tweets.

In other words, you can use Moments to put together a slideshow of collected tweets.

How Can I Use Moments for My Business?

The best way to use Moments is to focus in on a specific topic, product or event.

For example, check out the Moments created around the movie Gifted. After actress Octavia Spencer tweeted about the movie, it was included – as the first tweet – in the Moments collection about the movie, which also included tweets that had tags for other stars in the movie.

Ok, so it’s likely that most small or even medium size business won’t have a celebrity talking about their product, but there are probably influencers within your industry who tweet. You can create a Moments collection based around tweets made by them to get the ball rolling.

You could build your Moments collection around new products or services; collecting tweets from employees as they talk about being proud of working for you; or showcase milestones for your business, like your 20,000 customer.

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